FrederickPolls provides quick turnaround and often less expensive survey options using online respondent panels that can be used to…

  • Conduct brand image, message enhancement or issue policy polling;
  • Develop message strategy using MaxDiff statistical tool.
  • Test video or print media;
  • Gain reaction to news stories or feature articles;
  • Gain a large sample with a very narrowly targeted audience.

Online survey pools can be established by geography (state, region, national), by demographic characteristic (age, gender, income), or by behavior (news consumers, car owners; parents; potential new home buyers).

FrederickPolls’ online survey examples…

  • Material message testing of rural electric co-op members of best motivator of grass roots action on EPA carbon emissions rule.
  • Test of potential “tire labels” pitting labels proposed by NTSHA against industry-favored labels to determine consumer preference.
  • Test of direct mail executions and message strength to members of Credit Unions in support of a U.S. Senate candidate.
  • Test of messaging using the “MaxDiff” conjoint analysis statistical technique to find the best pro-GLBT adoption messages with Florida voters.
  • National survey of drivers to determine Holiday Driving Trip frequency and pre-trip car maintenance behavior.
  • Test of definition statements for “Fraternal” insurers (derived from prior quantitative and qualitative research) to determine the one that best resonates with a tightly defined consumer target audience.
  • National survey of opinion leaders (high income, high education, civic activism, high news consumption) about their reaction to a prominent business publication article about a corporate client.
  • Survey teen drivers (age 17 to 19) about their knowledge, behaviors, and opinions on tire safety.
  • Media test survey of Americans aged 55+ on reactions toward various TV and print ads on prominent national healthcare policy.