To often, organizations seeking to build a brand or sell a product line present some TV ad that any competitor in their business or even those in other fields could “INSERT YOUR NAME HERE”. See: Pharma ads (everyone gets their happy lifestyle back), most Hospital ads (smiling drs, big machines, dancing ex patients, helicopters landing) , Financial Services (happy retirees on vacation or in a big house, banks with open doors and tellers), Autos (cars that drive in the snow, in the rocks or thru empty city streets in the rain), … etc. Because such ads have nothing either GENUINE or UNIQUE to that organization, they are un-memorable and often soon forgotten.

However, what really works to Drive to brand reputation is DIFFERENTIATION. Quality opinion research is needed to connect what is GENUINE and UNIQUE about your organization to what’s IMPORTANT to the Public. The following :60 second TV ad is constructed using message testing and open ended questions from our poll. Darton College, Albany Georgia, is a higher educational institution in transition in a racially split community. This is the first Brand Reputation polling they have ever done and their first Brand advertising. Ads created by John Goodson of Tallahassee, Florida.

DARTON COLLEGE: Defining a genuine unique Brand Reputation from Keith Frederick on Vimeo.